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search.PNGThe Firefox search bar located at the upper-right corner of the browser is a very useful tool for a lot of users as they tend to use it to search everything on the net rather than typing in their browser and then type in what they want to search there. I’m sure a lot of people are using the Mozilla Firefox nowadays. But do you know that you can customize and add the search sites in the search bar in the upper-right corner of Firefox?

This is how to customize and add search engines to your search bar.

Click on the Manage Search Engines like the photo above. Then click Get more search engines (or just this link) to open a page with the list of search engines that you can add in. You can add all sorts of search engines that is listed there. There are varies search engines like news, entertainment, blogs, answers and so on.

You can also sort your most favourite search engines to the top of the list and the least favourite ones to the bottom.


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