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HTC Magic to get Sense UI in October~

HTC Magic

Good news for the over 1 million HTC Magic users out there! Over the last weekend, HTC just announced that the second generation Android device would be getting a UI overhaul just like the HTC Hero. The Sense UI update will be released on HTC’s site in October and users can download the ROM and update it manually.

Not sure how the Sense UI looks like? Just head over to HTC Hero official website to check it out or watch the video below. I’m sure it’ll rocks your HTC Magic!~

Now to think of it, I think most of HTC Magic users will not upgrade to HTC Hero anymore.. What say you?

P.S. Sorry for my bad photoshop skill though.. 🙂

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  • Glenn Fernandes

    Thanks a lot for posting. I love HTC cell phones. They are real high quality phones. HTC Magic seems to be a very good phone. It has high end features. HTC Hero is also very nice. Both the latest models have nice features and look is fantastic.

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