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logo.gifWell I have just signed up another “pay-per-post” program, Blogitive. The concept is actually the same with Reviewme where you get paid to blog about a service or product from some advertisers. Same thing though, you need to submit your website to Blogtive for review first. When you website is approved by them, its time to make money~!

Through the web release program you will receive offers from Blogitive’s clients with a short press release about the client’s website and/or services. There will also be a word/phrase for you to hyperlink to the client’s website. You accept the offer and just write a post in your own words about the web release, just like a publisher would do if they received a press release from a company, and link the word/phrase assigned to the URL provided in the offer. There is a great video tutorial on Blogitive to give you a better understand of how this all works. Once your Blog posting is approved you will usually earn $5 for the post you wrote for Blogitive.

If you have a great blog and have great interest in writing reviews, this is a great place to start. At least you earn something for those reviews you wrote. I think this getting paid for writing reviews are way better than waiting visitors to click on your Google Adsense ads and doing some SEO on your website. 🙂

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