Malaysia First Astronaut Trying to Show Off~

This is the most ridiculous news ever. Taken from The Star on 15th Nov.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s first astronaut will do what no one in space has done before: play traditional Malay children’s games without gravity. The astronaut – yet to be selected – will play “batu seremban,” or “five stones” and spin traditional Malay tops in space, Agriculture Ministry parliamentary secretary Rohani Abdul Karim told parliament on Wednesday.

Rohani, who was replying on behalf of the Science, Technology and Innovations Ministry, said the astronaut would also do batik painting and making teh tarik.

Interesting remark don’t you think? Wait until you read this:

The main objective of sending an astronaut into orbit is to carry out scientific experiments under microgravity – a situation alien to the earth. As such the National Aerospace Agency has opened doors to our scientists to show their mettle and capabilities through the National Astronaut Programme,” said Rohani.

Of all the things they can do, why must the astronauts playing traditional children games and drawing batik in space??? There’s something really wrong with these people. Remember the old news about the government planning to build a 400million ringgit sport center in London just to train our athletes? From my point of view, they are just trying to show off.

The great news is that the training programme for the Malaysian astronaut in Russia would not cost the Treasury a single sen. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THAT! Imagine our astronaut trying to make ‘teh tarik’ (‘pulled’ tea) in the space without gravity. The tea will become bubble-like floating all over the place… haha! I just hope they don’t make a fool out of themselves and we would be the embarrassed ones.

Russian astronauts: Dude, what are you doing?

Malaysian astronaut: I’m trying to make a record of making teh tarik in space!

Russian astronauts: WTF!!… (Grabbed everything they could and whack the hell out of him!)

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  • bee

    Just visited the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and exposed to the scientific research and purpose of space missions, it’s amazing to know so much effort, time and money are used for each space mission.

    I feel the malaysians who made the remark above have succeeded in proving they have no idea what is space research and received the number one award of highest stupidity. It’s ridiculous that they can only think of playing batu seremband and teh tarik. (and they called themselves the selected ones from the country – what a shame).

  • Zaher

    They spent US$25 million to send this Space Tourist?
    Hahahaha. Russians will charge us US$100 million to continue the mission to the moon!


  • Sick

    Guess what they sent before putting human in spaceship, it was monkey and dog (and yet they traveled alone 😳 without Russian and American along). The key point is most Malaysians still get proud along with this political hype, this really reflects the mentality of the overall Malaysian. No wonder such a lousy BN government could still maintain in power for decades.
    And what can a Malaysian in oversea like me do? To put up with the teasing tone of “Now you Malaysian also got an ASTRONAUT, HA!” and I already got three of this today 😡

  • usws

    “The tea will become bubble-like floating all over the place” – You won’t know what will actually happen, would you? Maybe it’ll taste better than before. And maybe a Malaysian could artificially recreate zero-gravity tarik-ed tea on Earth and become rich & famous! Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Put yourself in his shoes (the Angkasawan’s) and i bet you would love to find out for yourself how making teh tarik in space or playing batu seremban (or any other ‘Malaysian’ thing for that matter) in space feels like. And at the same time, you could conclude scientifically what’s actually happening to the teh tarik etc. under zero-gravity and learn something for yourself and every other Malaysian. That doesn’t sound like a waste of time and money to me.

    Furthermore, those aren’t the only things he’s doing.. (those are just ‘experiments’ out of curiosity), we’re sending him up to space also to conduct experiments which would help us discover a cure for HIV (something that cannot be done on Earth i suppose). We can’t always be relying on foreign powers to do all the ‘cool’ things, can we? And when they do, we’ll just keep on going about how great those powers are and how sucky are country is in not being able to do similar things.

    Malaysia Boleh, only if we allow to. Bye!

  • Ros

    yeah, they claimed that they are going to conduct experiments which would help us discover a cure for HIV. But up til now, did anyone hear anything about it? did he actually submitted a report on this research in space? This morning i heard on news, saying that our first astronaut is giving up space. He intend to shortens his contract in order to get married!
    this guy is really stupid. aint he supposed to be the role model for kids who look up to him? (at least). Now that he’s gone and come back from space, he call it quits! Just because he wants to get married! WTF???!! 👿

  • usws

    Haha, i guess he should have submitted the report (he would have been slaughtered if he didn’t). But about the results, it’ll take some time (a lot of time) before anyone starts shouting that they’ve discovered a cure for HIV. But every bit of progress help nonetheless.

    Hmm, about him wanting to get married.. maybe he’s just afraid he’ll meet the same fate as his brother. You never know when you’ll die, so quickly take every opportunity to do the things you like. Plus, at the rate everyone is complaining about how expensive the space trip was, i think he knows he won’t have a second chance to go. So what’s the use of a long space-flightless contract?


  • msiahero

    the hell sending a man to do teh tarik or main gasing in space. if the teh tarik can be tastier then it would be found out years ago by the americans/russia =.= and logically how can it be tastier i doubt it. if just want to do the experiment can always just create a zero gravity at earth la know need untill spend 100M to space lol.. boros , just like building the sepang and klcc =.=

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