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Movie Marathon~

Went to the Tebrau City Jusco for movies this afternoon. Its the biggest Jusco in whole Malaysia I think. The photo above is really funny. Why? Because my friends called me devil and the poster of the new movie titled “The Devil Wears Prada”… Coincidence? lol.. So we went there around 2 something and watched Underworld Revolution. The movie? If you never watch the first one before then better don’t watch it because the story is continued from the previous ones. I watched the previous one long time ago and there’s some flashback in the movie about it. The movie is about Vampires fighting against Licans (wearwolves… this spelling?). So the head of the Vampire is trying to get the key to release his brother, which was turned into a Lican long time ago and being caged by other Vampires. So as usual you’ll see the gal turns into the hero to save the world.. hehe.. overall.. the movie is just so so only but the fighting scenes are quite exciting.

After the movie, we walked around Jusco because the next movie was at 6.20pm. We went into the bookshop and spent the time reading some books there. The bookshop even have seats for the customers to get a book and read there. Strange huh? Its like a library already.. lol.. I found a book about Google, the internet search provider and spent the whole time reading about The Story about Google. Its quite interesting reading about 2 PHD students made their success in building the world’s best search engine.

After dinner, its movie time again! The movie is… V for Vendieta~ If you’re looking for actions scenes, then the movie will be a big disappointment for you as there’s only very little of actions in the movie. Its all about the hero, Vendieta, trying to help the citizens of England to fight against the government. In the movie, the high chanselor of the country is almost like Hitler. Monopoly against everything in the country and making up lies to calm the people. And so this masked Vendieta is here to save the day~! I just felt pity for the main actor as no 1 will know how he actually look like because he never take his mask off in the whole movie. Guess who’s the actor? I don’t know.. lol.. And he wears a funny mask but acts like Matrix.. the storyline is quite interesting as well.. So if you ask me to vote for the 2 movies, I’ll vote for Vendieta.

Oh ya.. my sister is still on the journey to Folsom, California now. Her company sends her there for training again I guess. So won’t be seeing her around until end of the year then. Take care lo sis~!

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  • leebee

    hey bro, feeling the frust on top of my head as stuckin LA for 5 hours. Connecting flight to sacramento delayed 3 hrs. using lousy online machines. bye

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