Silence PT2 Electric Car~


This is the new three-wheeled Silence PT2 electric car. The car certainly has a flair for the dramatic, as its metallic paint, vivid interior, and overall dashing good looks make it a sight for sore eyes in the fully electric vehicle department. Other than that, this car can reportedly cruise 125 to 250 miles on a single charge, hitting speeds “around 125-miles per hour” along the way.

Imagine $0.60 for every 60 miles…
Imagine zero pollution…
Imagine racecar power …
Imagine owning a Silence…

$0.60 for every 60 miles? That makes us around RM2.20 for 100KM.. Are you kidding me? That’s SUPER CHEAP man! But this car ain’t cheap because it costs $42,000 USD. Convert it and you will actually understand what I meant ain’t cheap. Seriously, it really looks cool!

Source: AutoblogGreen

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