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Training Started~

Scare scare here because I’m blogging in the office.. haha. Yesterday was my 1st day of my training in EDS. Went in the office quite early but the manager wasn’t here yet. Then a lady who appeared to be the member of the team I’m in brought me up into the office. I was given some notes on RF ID to read on while waiting. Around 11am I was given a pc to use on. I now got my own workplace and my own pc.. haha..

I’m in a research team on RF ID which consists of 4 people including me. I’m working under the malay guy who interviewed me last time and the manager is the leader of the team. Until the end of the day, I’m just reading on the notes all day. Hopefully I’ll have something to work on then. The tech guy just told me that I’m not allowed to chat in the office.. haiz.. ok then. Will only chat during the lunch time.

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