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A Trip to Bukit Tinggi Resort~

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Bukit Tinggi Resort, a place near Genting Highlands which located 3000 feet above the sea level. There are a few places to visit there which is the French Village, Japanese Garden and Animal Farms. The journey to Bukit Tinggi Resort took us around 1 hour to reach there from Damansara. The entrance fee for each person is RM16 (which is really quite expensive!). We went to French Village as soon as we reached there.

The main entrance to the French Village.

Big swan swmming in the pond.

A view of the street in the village.

haha.. Loon taking photos for Yuan and Yee. I’m basically just a photographer for the couples there.. zzz

Know what I meant just now? I’m just a photographer…

A view from the top of another tower. Nice view~

Finally, a photo of myself with them~

King Arthur went into the hotel!

After waiting for 1 hour, Mr.keat and Yin came all the way from Genting Highlands. He should’ve treated us a lunch because of that! lol..

Oh ya, we are the gay couples.. zzz

Happy Family…

Last photo before we took off to the Japanese Garden by the shuttle vans.

Oh yeah, this is the entrance to the Japanese Garden~

Fish o fish~

Tatami Spa~ Mind you that the Tatami Suite costs RM3800 for staying one night there.. ridiculous..

hehe… funny photo.

The gals~

A photo of the castle before leaving for the Rabbit Farm~

Rabbit! Really hard to catch them…

Keat holding the rabbit with Yin.. hehe..

After a long day trip, its time to go back. Yuan parked his car at the entrance of the French Village just to take a photo of it..zzz..

Keat’s car broke down during the journey back just under the MRR2 bridge. The radiator of the car burst because its just too hot while the traffic is quite jam there. We spent 2 hours to get the car to a mechanic and fix it but it broke down again after the radiator is fixed. So we just parked the car at a petrol station and Keat fixed the car the next day. The only thing I bought at Bukit Tinggi is this:

Its a triangel~! Remember the TVB series Triumph in the sky? Gonna give this to my gf as a gift.. hehe..

More photos ahead. Just click the photo above to view it in the Gallery~

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