Miami Heat Claims NBA Champion~

For the first time in the team’s history, Miami Heat won the NBA Champion title in Game 6 against Dallas Mavericks. Dallas was leading the 7 game series with 2-0 but Miami then claimed the title by winning 4 games in a row. Dwayne Wade who scored 43 points in game 5, scored 36 points in game 6, helping Miami to win the title.
Wade on the move~

“I don’t want to say I put the team on my back. You know, we did it together. Like Coach said, like we’ve all been saying, it’s been 15 strong,” Wade said. “They gave me the opportunity by putting the ball in my hands to prove people wrong. When I came [into] the series, it was, I can’t shoot. I don’t know where they got that from. So I proved to them I can shoot, and then after that, I proved I can play, and that’s all I tried to do: prove people wrong.”

Dirk Nowitzki from Dallas on the other hand scored 29 points and 15 rebounds. Miami was struggling to catch up with Dallas and they was leading with 1 point when the 1st half ended. When the game ended, Miami won with 95-92. What a great win for Miami, at least Detroit Pistons lost to the NBA Champion during the East Conference Finals.. ( Detroit is my favorite team FYI..)

Neh neh.. you want the ball? Come get it if you can even reach it.. lol.. Shaq trying to pass the ball to other teammates..

As expected, Miami’s best player Dwayne Wade won the MVP title. This is his first win for NBA Champions and also a MVP.

Strange to see a post on NBA while everyone is in their FIFA World Cup fever huh?

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