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AGLOCO – Earn Money by Surfing Internet~

agloco.PNGAGLOCO stands for A Global Community, whose owners are its Members (you and potentially the millions of internet users out there). Their goal is to capture a significant portion of the value generated by our online activities and return it to Members in cash. Best of all, it is totally free, Members will NEVER have to pay anything, nor will they have to disclose ANY personal information!

All you need to do is, once you sign up on their website, when available you will be able to download the Viewbar software, a free toolbar-sized application (half the size of a traditional Windows tool bar) that quietly sits on your desktop without ever hampering your online habits.


As you can see, the viewbar is located at the bottom of the browser. AGLOCO will give you a share of income the Viewbar earns. In addition, that income may be paid in stocks as well as cash. The Viewbar features privacy protection, spyware protection, phishing protection, member IM and voice communications, RSS feeds, broadcast communication, community tips and other functions. It is currently in beta testing period and is not available to download, yet.

When you run the AGLOCO Viewbar, AGLOCO will pay to you to surf the web (currently up to 5 hours/month). Once the five hours are up, you can turn the Viewbar off until next month. However, you also make money on every hour for people you referred when they surf, and income is made for every hour for people they referred down to 4 levels. There is no cap on how much you can make because of this. This is a member calculator view of what you will get.


If you sign up 10 referral members and they sign up another 5 referral members each, and those sign up five all the way down the 4 four levels, you will earn $9767.50 a month if all of them surf 5 hours a month! However, that figure is not a dollar amount – it reflects earnings in both cash and stock of the company.

The guys behind this idea include several Stanford MBA’s and a few individuals who started AllAdvantage back in 1998, which gave over $100 million to its users before falling victim to the burst of the internet bubble. Today, the context is much more favorable: The sophistication of on-line commerce, the rapid emergence of communities, the wealth of advertising revenue sources, etc.

As the viewbar is not available yet, AGLOCO is asking the members to build up a community first while waiting for the viewbar to be out of beta period. Still, you got nothing to lose by signing up and referring to other people. So please sign up AGLOCO using my link here. Let us build a AGLOCO community together and hopefully earn some cash here~ 🙂


AGLOCO has been discontinued due to some financial problems. Seems like they failed again to make the program successful. 🙂

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  • menghua

    Yup… previously it was burnt down due to some management problem. Its purely like MLM system but you don’t need to pay a single cent on it. 😛

  • Paul Wong

    I personally think it is an idea that if implemented correctly, may be the next big thing. I’ve had difficulties explaining to laymen about Agloco hence I came up with simple but effective phrases and diagrams.
    To be honest, if anyone wants to know why this will be big, go get a copy of the book, The Google Story. There, you’ll find tons of similarities between Agloco and Google during the start-up period as well as their mindset. I wish for good health and forever happiness to you and your love ones!

  • Brian

    I founded and ran UtopiAd years ago, a competitor of AllAdvantage (the predecessor to Agloco). We began as a form of advertising to allow shareware to earn advertising revenue and we morphed into a consumer facing application, web browser, shopping, and other features to allow members to earn revenue. Our payouts were basd on revenue, not a flat rate as AllAdvantage did. Agloco is intriguing and I started to discuss the insight I have to how this business actually works, the pitfalls they need to avoid etc.

  • Colleen W

    Seems this opportunity disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived on the scene. The platform reminded me of AllAdvantage, now defunct as well.

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