Lakers Vs Wizards

Can’t wake up early today since the weather was so nice to sleep.. haha.. So I watched the game between L.A. Lakers and Washington Wizards. Quite boring game at the 1st half since both team scoring percentage is only 25%~! All the players keep shooting the ball whenever had the chance but they just cannot score it~ By 2nd half, Kobe Bryant is really on fire. At the end the Lakers defeated the Wizards with 96-91. Kobe scores 41 points and grabbed eight rebounds and won seven of their last eight games! It is the 5th time in this season where Kobe scores more than 40 points. The Wizards on the other hand, Gilbert Arenas scored 29 points and Caron Butler contributed 20 points for the Wizards, who have lost four of their last five games… haha~

Gilbert Arenas trying to stop Kobe from reaching the basket.

It is said that Kobe had become more patience and trusting his teammates nowadays since his teammates won over Utah Jazz even without him playing in that game. He hurt his ankle in that game which made him retired from a few games after that. I think he now knows that he is not the only player that can win the game. Now he’s able to obey the instructions ordered by the coach, Phil Jackson~ He’s back in Lakers again. Phil have been leading the team to win the championship for the past few years. Let’s see what will he achieve with the team this year then~

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  • trench

    The Lakers need to start closing out games and winning them! I cant believe we’ve lost 3 nailbiters in a row! I hope to god we land Artest and Jalen.

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