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E-gold under DDOS attack!

Well i just received a msg in yahoo IM about Egold under DDOS attack.. it sounds like this..

e-gold is experiencing a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that began Tuesday October 18th at around 5:00 east coast US time. We are actively dealing with it and will continue to evaluate and implement countermeasures.

This sort of attack fills the “pipeline” leading to the e-gold site, thereby blocking access to e-gold Users. It does not in any way threaten the integrity or security of the e-gold servers, infrastructure or data. In other words, the accounts, the gold – all the elements of value in e-gold – are intact and unaffected by an attack of this sort.

Now that’s y i can’t access egold… but then.. what is DDOS attack then? this is what i found from

In a distributed attack, the attacking computer hosts are often zombie computers with broadband connections to the Internet that have been compromised by viruses or Trojan horse programs that allow the perpetrator to remotely control the machine and direct the attack, often through a botnet. With enough such slave hosts, the services of even the largest and most well-connected websites can be denied.

Now that’s what is all about..too many computers and bots accessing a single website.. which makes the site down.. bandwidth problem? i really duno.. lol.. its lucky for me that i dun have any payment pending to pay to egold.. who knows what will happen right? i think the problem will be solved quite soon as millions of ppl waiting to use egold for their trades everyday..

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