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How to use Google Music on Your PC and Android phone from Outside US~

Google Music is an online music streaming service where you can store up to 20,000 songs from your music collection, buy music from Android Market and listen the songs from anywhere either your PC, laptop or your Android phone by just logging in to the service. Currently the service is only available to US residents only, but there are ways to get this if you are outside the US. Here’s how you get it.

The Google Music server recognize you as US residents by the IP address that you are using. So the easiest way to bypass this is to use a US proxy when you log on to Google Music website. Go to and key in At the advanced option panel, select the proxy server as USA proxy server, just as below and click Hide my ass!! You may use other web proxy website to do this but I find Hidemyass is one of the easiest.

Once your browser directs you to the Google Music website, just hit “Create an account” and key in your details accordingly. Your Google Music account will be created and you can use the service instantly! This change of proxy method only needed for creating a new Google Music account, after that you can access to Google Music right from your browser. All that remains to be done on your desktop is to install the upload tool and start uploading music.

Now on the Android phone part, you need to install the Google Music apps into your phone. Since you are outside of the US, you will need to source for the app file elsewhere. If your Android phone is rooted, try install Market enabler and emulate your network provider as T-Mobile US. Search Google Music in the Market and install it right to your phone.


If your phone is not rooted, hit Google and search for Download the apk file and store inside your phone to install it. Once installed, just login and you will be able to play your favorite songs fom there.

Do take note that playing songs from the Music app requires internet connection so connecting to the WiFi is a better choice for this. The songs that have been played will be stored as cache in your phone so you don’t need to stream the song from the internet again the next time you play it. Have fun!!

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