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Autopinger for Your Blog~

autopingerEver felt frustrated of wasting a lot of time trying to ping a few ping services sites like Technorati? Autopinger is a free service to help you ping your blogs and podcasts to most available blog/podcast search engines and aggregators remotely and automatically.

It is very easy to use this service as you just need to type in your blog address and click the Start Ping button below. There are a lot of services provided which you can choose between English services or Non-English services. Autopinger had added the new Google Blogsearch into their ping list which makes them the first site to do so. After pinging, just bookmark the address and open the link everytime you post something new. Now that’s easy!

ping buttonIf you want something more useful, just sign up to autopinger and you’ll get a ping button to put at your site. Just click this button everytime you post something new in your blog and all the ping services will be pinged. Of course, you need to enter your site details to get this special ping button~

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