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Cigarettes and Charity?~


A week ago, I was in KL with my friend. His boss bought him some cigarettes from China which he was trying out. Just read the lines on the photo above. In English, it means that you’ll donate some money to some charity with each purchase of a box of cigarettes. How great is that?

I was thinking, why didn’t our government did something like this as well? Think of it, Malaysians spent more than 1 million ringgit per day on cigarettes, which mean around 133 thousand packs of cigarettes per day. ( Is it really that much? Just an example ok?). My idea is, the government should charge RM0.10 more on each pack of cigarettes, which means we get RM13k more per day, just for charity. How many charity homes like orphanage, old folk’s home do we have in Malaysia? We will donate the RM13k that we collected to one of them each day. I’m sure that in 6 months time every charity home will get funded, or maybe in 1 year time. Isn’t that great? All those charity homes will get funded again and again once the cycle finished. Will anyone propose this to the government? Haha..

” Help others’ while destroying your life”, I guess that’s a good slogan for this idea right? What do you think about this?

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  • IB

    They are supposed to do that – lots of countries do, it’s called a ‘social tax’. Any tax on cigarrettes is supposed to go to Govt – theoretically that money covers things like public health (to pay for people with lung cancer because of smoking for example) and public awareness campaigns.

    You know in this country though, ‘charity’ often just means you are giving money to the people who siphon off the money into their own ‘poor’ pockets.

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