Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional~

title.gifMicrosoft had launched the new MsFirefox 2007 Professional Edition. The new award-winning browser from Microsoft is now faster, securer and quicker anything else on the market. Why use anything else?

MS Firefox 2007 delivers a dramatic boost in the download speeds of online pornography. By utilising a proprietary dynamic algorithm – anything that remotely resembles a tit or a boob will download up to 10 times faster. Fun at the speed of light!

Visiting the following sites using MS Firefox 2007 will cause your computer to shut down unexpectedly

– Any sites with the phrase: microsoft/windows/explorer/vista/bill sucks

Disclaimer: This is a joke. Whoever did the website had a very creative mind, bringing out the new IE7 from Microsoft. Want to know more about this new product? Click on the logo to get to the site and have a good laugh!~ But still, remember to download the new product will ya?!

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