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Bond Girl Catherine Mcqueen in Digi~


Catherine Mcqueen (the Bond Girl in the Bond Series – Die Another Day) was in Digi last Friday. Being an actress/DJ/Model herself, she was playing the music for our little party in the Courtyard that day. Frankly speaking, I don’t really recall her in that movie as it was quite some time ago. Do you remember her in the movie?

The small drinking session was quite fun, where there were cakes and satay served for all of us. And of course, free flow of beers were provided!  :mrgreen: Haven’t eaten anything at all for the whole day, I was kinda drunk blur that day after having a few mugs of beer with satays. People always says that you don’t drink when your stomach is empty, don’t they? :p


Everyone gathered in front of the small stage where the DJ Catherine Mcqueen playing the trance music.

As time passed into the late evening, the big crowd was almost cleared and my manager and I decided to go in front and take a photo with her. She was very friendly though.


Gosh.. Look at the quality of the photo.. should’ve asked my colleague to take the photo with his 5 megapixel camera phone instead  😆 Party was over, and it’s time to go back to work.  😉

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