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Broadband service from power socket at home

i found an article in the forum, and googled about it on the net. It seems that finally there’s some real improvement for our broadband services soon.. New Broadband it is said that there will be a new technology for broadband PLC (Power Line Communication) where it converts the latters existing electricity grid and domestic power lines into a high-speed communications network. The estimated top speed for this service is up to 224Mbps! which is 224times faster than what i’m using now! 😀 But we really have to wait a long time for it since its going to launch in 2007. Hopefully i can use it asap.. since Streamyx is really giving a lot of headaches to the subscribers… my site is loading so slow lately.. thanks to the TMnuts which had some problems with the cables needed to access international sites.. damn.. my webhost Puffihost is based in US i think.. that’s y loading so slow lately.. haiz..

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