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Chinese New Year Photos~

In case you are wondering why there were no photos from the Chinese New Year this year, keep on wondering then. Because I myself don’t understand why as well~! :p Maybe those traditions that forbid me from celebrating CNY kept me from taking any photos with friends. Never mind then because my sister did took some photos with her new DSLR – Nikon D40.


Sorry Sis, I stole your photo from your blog~! Haha! Click on the photo to get a larger view.

As you can see from the photos, CNY was boring that’s why we ended up playing mahjong everyday. Then others were the food my dad cooked. My niece is already 9 months old and is now able to stand on her own with her hands holding on the table. The center photo is the most famous food from Teluk Intan, Chu Cheong Fun! You won’t find any Chu Cheong Fun like this anywhere in Malaysia other than Teluk Intan. But it was damn expensive. 1 packet costs RM3.40! For something that you can’t find anywhere in Malaysia, I think you will say it worth it after you taste it. I miss Chu Cheong Fun man!

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