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Damn! wasted the whole day..

how can a university have a system so stupid 1… i also can’t understand.. i’ve wasted the whole day waiting to book 5 companies for my industrial training… y? bcos the faculty wana limit the quota for each company… mayb easier for the staffs to work? i duno… but then i heard from a fren.. he overheard the lecturer who’s in charge of these booking things told the malays that they dun hav to worry about booking the companies because they hav the quotas for malay students… haha… funny duh.. now tat’s what behind the thingy huh..

went to the lec office around 2.20pm… where the booking starts at 2.30pm.. n there’s the whole crowd of ppl.. lining up in queue… waiting for it… at 1st i thought mayb hav to wait a bit longer for it.. but then.. after an hour.. i’m still standing the same spot where i was standing 1 hour ago… the queue haven’t move at all!! n then.. i started chit chating with choon yong… ti fren… walk around the corner n found out that there’s 30+ students waiting in the room just by the door of the lecturer… n we guys still at the corridor.. with around 80 students in the queue.. duno.. should be more than tat.. wah… duno hav to wait how long for it..

5.15pm… we can’t stand it anymore… went for dinner cos both of us really hungry.. by that time.. we still haven’t enter the room with crowd yet… nvm then.. since we are at the back of the line… dun care la.. 6.20pm.. came back… lesser ppl.. but stil got around 30-40 waiting… wait til 7pm.. we agreed to go home n come back at 9pm.. n so.. just now i went back.. damn it.. whole crowd of malay students pop out from nowhere.. n then i saw my csmate… waiting since 2pm.. came out from the lec’s room.. haha… waited for so long just to get those blank paper with letter heads.. duno wat kind of system is this… waited until 9.30pm.. the lec giv up.. ask us to come back tmr morning.. kind of pity her.. din eat at all since afternoon… but then.. tmr i hav to line up again?!! i duno… kind of sick with these kind of system… how come those applying for different zone can book online while we guys here hav to wait whole day for it?(n not getting anything at all)… damn… shouldn’t hav go there today..

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