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Everything’s on the track now~

Finally after long time of waiting, I’ve contacted Serverfreaks to change my server to the new Singapore server. DNS server resolved in just a few hours. Now the whole site is fully functioning again! Yippie! I’m quite satisfied with the speed of the server now. Very fast especially for the ftp server. I never saw it running so fast and I’m like browsing on my harddisk folders! I’ve changed the wordpress smilies set to these similar to LYN forum’s. Damn I love these smilies 😆 . But I think I need to change the size of it or else it’ll make the line spacing of each line looks weird.

I’ve created a forum, In Da Club. Sounds lame right? I just can’t think of any name for it actually. Just use the name where a fren of mine created a friendster group of us -> the siao kias of utm. So far only have 14 members which only a few who is active ( posted a few post mayb :P). I just hope that it can be some community forum for all of us studying in UTM here since i still got lots of webspace to use with. If the forum can boost up the popularity a bit I don’t mind upgrading more webspace for it. 😆

Till here then. 😮 I’m tired but I need to finish my studies as soon as possible. I don’t have enough time to finish up everything already I think. Just don’t know why its so hard for me to concentrate on my studies. I should shut down my pc once in a while, preventing myself from sitting in front of it like now! 😡 Nites~

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