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Finally the DNS problem is almost solved. I’ve bought myself a hosting plan from Serverfreaks yesterday. Cost me RM60 for it. The plan comes with 1Gb of webspace and also 10Gb of bandwidth per month. But the server is based in US which i only know it after i bought it.. lol.. so now i’m thinking of changing to the server of Serverfreaks in sgpore since its much closer to Malaysia.. and the speed should be much faster than the server now.. now the speed just so so only.. sometimes hard to load also.. duno yet. let me try for a few days on this server 1st.. then only decide.. cos if i change to sgpore server.. i would lose 500mb of webspace.. cos the plan for it is only 500mb webspace.. the plan i bought is promo 1.. haiz..

I sprained my ankle yesterday. Yes.. again! during basketball game.. damn it.. i really need to get myself a ankle guard already. My right ankle is so “fragile” already.. easily got twisted when jumping.. same case this time.. stepped on someone else’s feet.. i wonder y those ppl just wana place their feet under the place i jump.. very fun is it???

just now my housemates and i went to Senai for dinner.. 9 of us.. went by 2 cars.. then ate a lot of food lo.. the shop’s famous pei pa duck, rib meat, fried squits, vege, tauhu and a lot more.. cost us around RM110 for the dinner.. still ok la.. 9 of us sharing wat.. my tummy so full.. haha.. then came back study a while.. then sit in front of the pc testing on my new forum.. :D.. was trying to make a community for friends… just for fun la.. if the datas reached my webspace limit i’ll just close it.. as if it’ll.. :P.. wana c? Give me some opinions k.

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