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Exam Weeks~

Oh my god.. I have 3 more exams coming up and I haven’t finish study anyone of it! Computer System and Multimedia on Wednesday, Data Communication on Sunday and Wireless Communication on next Tuesday. I just can’t get to finish the studies until the day before the exam. And then what kind of result will I get? Bad ones.. I’m really a lazy bum..

nfsLast night, my housemate brought back the NFS:Carbon game dvd. Damn I’m so addicted to this game. All the car racing, drifting, its actually like the cartoon Initial D, or like the movie Tokyo Drift. Normal races are quite easy but those drift tracks are really hard, especially the canyon drift. You have to drift the car on the narrow road without crashing into the walls or the cliffs. But when you really mastered the skills, its awesome! Unfortunately my graphic card is too lousy where I cannot enable the motion blur effect. I was able to enable it when I was playing NFS:Most Wanted.

Enough said, its time to back to study. Hopefully I can finish all my studies and leave this game alone (bin, why did you bring back that game?? haha) I’ll try to update my blog if I’m free.

The hottest news this week would be the launch of Playstation3 and Nintendo Wii. Visit the link to view some reviews about these gadget ya~

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