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Something In the Air?~

My primary school teacher once said that we should be fortunate that we stayed in Malaysia. Why? Because we don’t have those natural disasters such as volcano eruption, earthquakes, tornado attacks, hurricane and so on. But still, Malaysia is facing the same problem which is getting worse and worse every year… Haze!~ The haze is caused by open burning and forest fires from Indonesia. The farmers burn their land in order to start a new plantation season but this leads to forest burning as well due to uncontrolled fire burning. As a result, this is what we get in Malaysia.

This is a photo I took from my room. The air quality had been declared as UNHEALTHY in Johor Bahru here. The air pollutant index had raised to 150+ which is in the unhealthy range. For East Malaysia is even worse, with the API more than 200 which is VERY UNHEALTHY.


How many more years will it take for the Indonesians to solve the problem of forest fires and open burning? How much longer do we have to suffer? These are the most commonly asked questions.

I think this is the first time the haze hits the southern area of Peninsular Malaysia. Obviously the situation is getting worse although the Indonesians claimed that they are controlling it. Sigh.. Nothing can be done, as said by the Malaysian government. Hopefully it will rain soon so that we can at least breathe something “fresher”? We can only pray about this everyday…

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