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Children Needs More Care~

As I was playing an online game, Audition this evening, a little girl told all of us who are in the chat room that her maid just fainted. She said the maid was having high fever and she just fainted lying on the floor. That little girl just don’t know what to do and keep asking for help. So we asked her to call her parents, but they never pick up. Then I asked her to ask for help from her neighbors. She said that the neighbor just don’t care of what happened. Damn~!

Finally, her mom picked up the phone but the mother seems doesn’t care about it. The little girl was panicked and helpless. We asked her to call the emergency number ( she’s in Singapore so I don’t know what’s the number anyway) and asked her to call for help. Helplessly, she just said, ” I see what I can do…” and went offline. Sigh…

Children nowadays really needs more care from their parents and elders. Most parents will leave their kids at home and went off to work but never know what happen to their children when they are not around. Like what happened to that little girl, what if the maid fainted and needs medical attention immediately? I don’t think the little girl can do anything about it at that time. Hope she’s all right then~

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  • esther

    Guess this is wat u can see mostly on those families these days…. esp typical singaporeans who r too bz earning money, n proud neighbours who r jus way too selfish to gip a hand to help…. Not onli in singapore… usually happened at those big cities… like KL too…. really cham…..

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    Keat.. I think its more than 700MB because you have to update the patch as well later.. lol..

    yup.. the little gal is from Singapore btw.. these things usually happened in big cities not only in Singapore.. Luckily I’m not grown up in such way..

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