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Damn there are so many problems with my car lately. First its the battery, then I refill the air conditioner gas, now what? My car tire.. I was driving that day and suddenly I’m like sitting on a horse because the whole car just keep on “bouncing”. The steering was shaking “furiously” and I have to drive slow around 60kph just to get the car moving smoothly. The next day I took the car to a tire shop. Found out that one of the front tire bloated~ It was my spare tire.. ( long story but just keep in mind that I’m using an old spare tire on the front left). And so, I have to change the bloated tire. And since all my tires are already burned out, I called my dad to confirm that I’m going to change all those tires.. lol.. To confirm I can claim back the money from him later.. haha..


So the process started. The guys changed all my tires, with new Michelin tires. Cost me RM130 for each of them. I’m so broke. The foreman told me that these tires is better and more quiet compared to normal ones. Hopefully he’s right then.

dsc00923.JPG dsc00925.JPG

Then, its the alignment process. As usual, they need to adjust the camber angle, which then cost me a lot for the alignment labor. Sigh.. That’s the first time I saw this kind of equipment to do the alignment. Next, I changed the engine lubricant this afternoon because its way past the due mileage. Now you see how broke I am? That’s why people always says that buying a car is easy, maintaining it is the hardest!

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