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Melaka Trip~

Last Friday I went to Melaka to meet up with my gf and her family there. Stayed at my friend, Keat‘s place for the night. Friday was just normal as I had dinner with gf and her family at a nyonya restaurant. On Saturday, my friends from KL came over to meet us. It was very fun to be with the guys since we haven’t meet for quite a long time already. All of us went to have Satay Celup as dinner that day.
Satay Celup

Next, we went to Jonker Street to have a cup of coffee.


Me and Keat. This shop is popular because they sell different types of coffee from each states in Malaysia. Creative huh?

Me and Shin


Next.. Photo shooting time..


Sunday morning all of us went to had “Dim Sum” for breakfast. Then we head over to Jonker Street again. But before that we took some photos by the river and the church.


This boat is provided for tourists to have a small tour around Melaka.


Then we headed to Jonker Street to have some cendol.



Shin really likes to pose.. haha… So after having some cendol, all of us headed home. All other photos are still with Shin so I guess it’ll be publish in her blog in a few weeks time because she went to Kuching this morning. I came back to Skudai around 6pm yesterday. So tired.. haha.. But really happy to see my gf and friends there.

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  • esther

    hehe….going out with shin taking pics r the best parts… sure posing posing tak habis d…. btw, shin lose weight d ar…. she look thin d compared the last time i saw her…..

  • keat

    hoho…i’m so damn tired ..but then…SYOK la..haha…exam stuff all thrown behind ..but’s time to suffer~~! zzz… after exam we go pure lagi k? hoho…that life band was so great! rite? cendol -.- gonna vomit dy..2 times in the same weekend..lucky didnt went with billy yesterday..if not it gonna be 3. wahhaha.. anywayz..really have a great weekend :D oh ya..thx shin for the choc n the keychain…

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