NBA Season Started!~

itsgametime_250x151.gifIt’s game time!! The new season of NBA started on 31st of October. Its the opening week from 31st of Oct until the 6th of Nov where lots of BIG games going on. Starting up with the defending champion, Miami Heat versus Chicago Bulls as the premiere of the NBA Opening Week.

TNT’s coverage of the Heat-Bulls game, which highlights the ring ceremony for the 2006 NBA Champions, is the first of Premiere Week’s 12 nationally televised games including five straight nights of doubleheaders. The Lakers host the Suns in the second game of TNT’s opening night double-header.


So who will be the champion for the new season? The defending champion Miami Heats? The Lakers? Or my favourite team, Detroit Pistons? Well there is still a long way to go to see which team performs the best.


It was a very sad news that Ben Wallace, the best center defense player, had left Pistons to the Bulls. I really miss those defense combinations of Rasheed Wallace with him. Pistons had signed up a new center player, Nazr Mohammed, a player who played for San Antonio Spurs for the last 2 seasons. Hopefully Pistons can still be the best defensive team in the whole league. With Nazr around, I think Pistons will be more focus into the offensive part as Big Ben does more in defense rather than being offensive.

The Detroit Pistons will be having their first home game tonight versus the Milwaukee Bucks. I hope Pistons will get a better result than the previous season.. hehe… Pistons Rocks!

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