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Repairing My Keyboard~

After I came back from my long holiday, I was shocked that my computer table and the floor was wet. I don’t know how it happened but my keyboard was not functionable. And so after trial and error for quite some time, I decided to dismantle it to see what happened. These are the photos I took while trying to repair my keyboard.

Open up the screws with a screwdriver~

This is what you should see at the back of a keyboard. This piece of circuit is where all the keys press on.

What I found out is that this whole piece of plastic was sticked together because it was wet. And this causes the keyboard to act strangely like showing a few alphabets instead of one whenever I try to type something.

The board was the core of the whole keyboard. It connects the plastic circuit and also to the PS2 connector. This was where the problem started. I dismantle it to make it easier for me to dry up the plastic.

But somehow, after drying up the piece of plastic, I tried to connect it back to the board. No matter how I try to connect it, there’s some keys that won’t show up whenever I type it. Gosh! I’ve made a terrible mistake of dismantling this connection.

A view under the piece of plastic. This rubber thingy is the thing that press on the plastic circuit. The concept is when these rubber (which is right below the keys) press on the plastic circuit, the upper and lower layer of the plastic circuit will be connected, hence the key being pressed will be sent to the computer and shown on the screen. (Sorry if I confused you… I don’t know the correct term of calling those items.. haha!)

After almost 2 hours of trial and error, I got frustrated and tired. Guess what I did…
I bought myself a new Logitech keyboard at the price of RM20. WAHAHAH~!

I like this keyboard because the feel is like typing on a laptop keyboard. Sigh.. I would have saved RM20 if I didn’t dismantle the old keyboard’s connection. Damn my itchy hands… haha~!

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  • Jason

    It’s important to get a good and comfortable keyboard. Think of it as an investment, new one won’t comes in if the old one stays.

    P/S : My keyboard and mouse set cost me RM400. Logitech as well.

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    well i guess a RM20 keyboard is more than enough for a student like me.. haha.. how i wish i can afford those wireless ones.. but better keep the money to myself. Now this keyboard is quite nice also.. only i felt it needs a little more strength to type things….

  • ..::::~||DaReDeviL||~::::..

    what happen? Erm… should say the interior of my keyboard was soaked with water… lol… I found out where the water came from.. its from the ceiling… stupid rented house… water was leaking from the ceiling when its raining.. damn..

    better don’t open ur keyboard if u duno wat you are doing.. heheh

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