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Top 30 WordPress Plugins~

Staska.net had compiled a list of the top 30 WordPress plugins in blogosphere. The list is done by votes from 48 bloggers on their favorite plugins.

The list is based on the Lists of favorite WordPress plugins, made by Lorelle last month. Lorelle found 48 lists with a total of 280 plugins that were recommended by other bloggers to their readers.

So I went through all those lists and compiled a spreadsheet of the mentioned plugins to see which of them were the most used in blogosphere.

So how many plugins among the top 30 that you used so far? I’ve used at least 15 among those, from the most popular plugins like Akismet, Google Sitemap Generator, and Related posts to those at the bottom like WP-Page Navi plugin. Many might not agree with the ranking of the plugins but what the heck, Staska had done a great job of compiling them into a list right? 😉

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  • Musa

    Hey budy,
    I have a question… I’ve been having a good feedback on using this wordpress thing. And I was thinking.. is it possible to switch my blog? from blogspot to wordpress?

  • menghua

    WordPress has a function that you can transfer your post from your blogspot blog to it. So basically no problem with that 😀 . Self hosted WordPress can do that but I don’t know about free account in wordpress.com. You can try create 1 there and check for it. 😉

  • Sameh

    I think my one of my old sites got banned because it reused posts from my other sites.. Well learned from it 🙂

  • Steve @ The Deal Is

    My list is as follows:

    AddThis Social Bookmarking
    All in One SEO Pack
    FeedBurner FeedSmith
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Top Commentators

    These have all served me quite well

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