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A Long Holiday~

Its been more than a week since my last post. The reason that I left my blog unoccupied is because I went for a Raya Holiday~ Yeah! Remember Shin went to Vietnam with her friend? Well she was scheduled to be back on last Friday night 12.30am. So I started journey from Skudai at 9pm and reached the terminal at 12.30am. I was right on time but then I found out that her plane was delayed for 1 hour. Sigh..



Taking photos and chatting on the phone with my friend who let us stay at his place later, Shin and Esther finally came out. Its been around 3 weeks since the last time I saw her.. so happy.. hehe!

The next day, Esther, Shin and I went to Sungai Wang to find currency exchanger. Our friend, Yuan and Yee were going to work in Japan on Tuesday. And so, since they just got “married”, Yuan treated the gang a dinner at Teluk Gong, Klang.


Seriously, I think all of us were a little bit drunk that night. We ordered some famous homemade “coconut beer” and mixed it with Guinness Stout. The taste was a bit sour. The dinner was great! We had crabs, squits, fish and some other seafood.

Shin n Yee

See these 2 girls… Shin was already a little bit drunk that time.. haha!!~

Me n shin

Happy Couple? Should be Drunken Couple I think.. hehe.. Just joking ya~ This will be the last time we meet Yuan and Yee since both of them will not be coming back so soon for at least a year. I really miss those times we go trip and karaoke together~

The next couple of days I was basically accompanying Shin to meet her friends and preparing for her job interview. Went back to Teluk Intan on last Thursday with Esther staying with Shin’s family.


We went to Subang Parade’s Nando’s for dinner yesterday. Both Shin and I were really tired because we didn’t sleep much the day before yesterday. Then I stay the night at my friend’s house and came back Skudai today. How I wish I can go travel everyday without studying.. haha.. I need to focus on my studies for my coming final exams and then.. It will be my 1 month holiday again! I’m fully recharged to go for it~!

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