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Football night~

Its the match that we had waited for all time, Chelsea versus Barcelona! Well Barcelona had won the previous match where they scored 2 away goals over with 1 home goal from Chelsea. So this match its either Chelsea needs to score at least 2 away goals in order to win the match to enter the semifinals of the Champions League. The matched started at 3.45am and my housemates and I were staying awake just to watch it.

lol.. Its me holding a tiger beer~ My housemate bought a carton of tiger beer last few days and we were drinking it while waiting for the match to start. I was studying my microcontroller programming thingy while waiting for it.

What were they doing then? They were playing cards and eating the groundnuts~ lol.. Soon after that the match started. It was 0-0 in the first half and I was quite blur already as I drank almost 4tins of the beer… zzz… It was quite boring 1st half as there were only a few offence with lots of defence. As soon as the match ended, I was really tired and blur and I slept in their room.

The match ended with 1-1 where Ronaldhino scored a goal in the mid of 2nd half while Lampard scored a penalty almost at the last minute of the game. Game over for Chelsea while Barcelona is now in the semifinals. Upcoming match tonight, Arsenal versus Real Madrid. I don’t think I’ll be watching it since I got class at 9am tomorrow morning.

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  • daren

    You guys are totally crazy! stay up for a football match? must be a real crazy fan. I remember this once, my roommate stayed-up with a couple of friends to watched the world cup.. and being myself.. not a football fan, I went to sleep right away. I was awaken by their shout and cheers that early morning, which gave me panic, thinking I was late for my class. Too shocked to go back to sleep, decide to go come to class early. Guest wat? class cancel! Prof stayed-up for the game too and too tired to teach. bummer! I should have known.

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