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I went to watch Final Destination 3 with my housemates yesterday. The storyline is just like the previous ones which a girl got a vision of she’s going to die and she escaped it, but in the end those who escaped death together with her kept on dying while she’s trying to cheat death again. The movie is just with lots of head exploding… geez.. disgusting. Just simple deaths, “pop!” the head exploded.. lol. Comparing to the ending of FD2, they figured out a way to stop the deaths but this movie the gal got another vision again in the end. Don’t think they can escape it anymore.. haha!

After movie, we went back home to play some games and studying. At midnight, my housemates and I went out to find for food for supper. Went all the way to JB just to find something to eat. We went to Taman Sentosa to have some Dim Sum then kept on going round to explore some nice food. But in the end we stopped by the road and had “lok lok” just beside the place with lots of pub and disco.

Well, it’s my gf’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to you baby~! Take care!

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