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Googlephone Will be Available Soon~

googlephone.jpgIt was a rumor a few months ago that there will be a Googlephone from Google and the photos were spread all over the internet. Recently, it is officially said that the phone is not a rumor anymore.

Isabel Aguilera, Google’s chief executive in Spain and Portugal, has admitted that the developers are currently working at some really jaw-breaking mobile-related hardware. However, the so-called Googlephone will only be one of the 18th research initiatives Google develops simultaneously.

Apple has its iPhone, Google has its Googlephone.. What’s more? Yahoo!Phone, MSNphone… You name it 😉

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  • wong

    I’m waiting for a phone that made in Malaysia 😛 Since Malaysia always boleh mah… Don’t think Yahoo! will come out any phone, most of their partner/business are online, unlike Google. MSN has a phone already lah… Widows Mobile 6 le??? Hehe…

  • menghua

    Windows mobile is the OS for the phones… Microsoft does not produce the phone I think. Malaysia’s phone? I remember we do have one.. in Malay name one.. need to find the info for it. But I’m sure we do have one. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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