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Happy New Year 2007~

fireworks.jpgHappy New Year!!!? Ok I know its a bit late to blog about this. But still who could imagine an earthquake in Taiwan can affect the Asian internet connection to the International Link? Despite that, I’m having a lot of difficulties with my modem at home. It cannot connect to the internet from 6pm to 12am before this, and now its even worse which it only connects to the internet from 3am to 1pm. Strange huh? I tried flashing it with latest firmware, tweaking all the settings and its still useless. Hopefully I can get back the modem which is under warranty by tomorrow then.

So where did you celebrate your New Year then? I went down to KL again last Friday to collect my mom’s camera which is at the Canon Service Centre in Subang (Just an excuse I suppose.. haha!). My friends and I did nothing much for the New Year celebration. We just ended up in The Curve again to watch the fireworks. It was 15 minutes of fireworks flashing in the sky. Shin was so scared as we stood quite near to the site and the loud bang each time the fireworks launches.

New year resolutions? This is my final semester of studying in University of Technology Malaysia. I need to finish up my final year project and then finish my degree. After that, it would be a whole new start for me as I’ll be joining into the working society. Where will I work then? What will I do? That really concerns me. But I know I should stop thinking about that and focus on my last semester studies first. I hope everything will be fine this new year and I can get everything that I want (a bit greedy now huh?) Hope everything goes well for everyone around me as well. Happy New Year to all and god bless us all!~

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