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Holiday Mode Over~

The holiday mode of this blog is finally over! I had a long 2 weeks of holidays since my last post and now I’m back in business again~ In the past 2 weeks, lots of things happened. Now I’m back, I had hundreds of emails and RSS posts to read on, which I don’t think I can finish it in 1 day time. Other than that, tens of assignments and exams piled up thanks to the holiday. I have to finish everything within this week I think. So let’s recap what happened in the last 2 weeks shall we?

It was Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. My gf and I were thinking of celebrating the day but then her cousin called up and asked us for her company’s new year dinner. There goes our Valentine’s dinner but it was great with great food. After that, I spent a few days staying in KL and then went back to my hometown, Teluk Intan on the 16th of February. On the 17th of February, it was Chinese New Year’s Eve where for the Chinese, the whole family gathered to have the reunion dinner. It was disastrous for my uncles and cousins because it took them almost 6 hours of long journey instead of 2 coming back from KL to Teluk Intan due to the traffic jam. Luckily I came back 1 day earlier huh? 🙂 The purpose of the reunion dinner is to reunite the whole family by having a dinner together. So, 15 of us sat at a long table to have our dinner that night, chit chating all night long.

Chinese New Year is nothing but quiet this year. Firecrackers were banned and not even available from the smugglers. I remembered last time those smugglers even took photographs of the firecrackers and asking around at the food stalls for customers. But this year, everything was so quiet. There were even news saying that the police will fine the houseowners if they found red papers from the firecrackers at the doorsteps. Sigh.. I miss those Chinese New Year with lots of firecrackers sound. That’s the CNY atmosphere, not this… But this is just to prevent more people from getting hurt right? So basically its good for all of us.. hmm…

Another reason for being quiet this year is that I can’t celebrate CNY due to my grandfather passed away less than 1 year ago. The traditions forbid us to celebrate CNY so I stayed home everyday instead. I only went out to have supper with friends at Mamak stalls. Now, I’m back in Skudai again to continue my classes.

My new year wishes? I hope everything will be better this year! I need to graduate and get a good job~ 😉

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