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My Blog Earnings – February 2007~

It’s time to calculate the earnings from this blog again~! It is expected that the earnings this month would be lesser than in January because I took 2 weeks of holiday without posting anything in my blog. My bad…

Now let’s see the earnings that I gathered for this blog in February 2007:

  • Google Adsense : $23.13
  • Text-Links Ads : $15.62
  • PayPerPost : $32.30
  • V7n Contextual Links : $30.00

Total earnings for February 2007 : $101.05

The earnings this month which is $101.05 is a little bit better than the last which was $86.19. The reason of the raise in earnings is that I subscribe to another program which is V7N Contextual Links. In case you don’t know what is this, bloggers in the Contextual Links @ V7N Network make cash and get paid by simply adding text links to their blog posts. So you just need to add the text link inside your blog post and you get $10 for each link you inserted. But you have to make a new post for each link they assigned you to add.

Am I happy or what? Finally more than $100 in one month! Haha.. It is very little sum of money but I’m very happy because I finally earn something from the Internet~ Need to do more work to get more I guess…

Currently I have around $140 in my paypal but just don’t know how to withdraw it. FYI, Paypal does not support Malaysia bank that’s why no wire transfer available I think. I heard there are some other ways to do this but it is just a bit expensive for users like me to withdraw this little money 🙂 . So anyone out there who wants to get some credits in Paypal just find me. Maybe we can make some deal from this huh? :p

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  • menghua

    great idea… maybe i should start accumulating paypal cash to get myself something big.. haha.. but shipment fees must cost a lot then.. hmm.. i wish i can buy a 20inch LCD monitor.. huhu.

  • earl-ku

    you can either get one of those atm card like VMI, where u can withdraw the money here in Malaysian atms with a tiny fees like USD1 or u can just send the money to some fellas here in Malaysia where they would normally buy ur paypal at a lower rate like 3.3 to 3.2 and they will pay u in RM …

    or u can get an account in SG, maybank has branches in SG, then u wire the money back to your own account …

    if you wan someone to buy ur paypal, google for bryansapiens, penang guy …

  • bobby

    why dun u try getting a sg bank account? it’s a very simple process, esp POSB. u dun even need a passport to apply but just the malaysian ic…minimum deposit was very little – S$1

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