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HTC Touch Diamond~

htc-touch-diamond.jpgTaiwan HTC made a big time a few weeks ago when they announced their latest product, the Apple i-Phone killer – HTC Touch Diamond. Born from a unique heritage of innovation and a deep desire to blend design with simplicity, the PDA phone comes with compact size, game-changing Internet and its new captivating 3D touch interface called TouchFLO 3D.

Let’s take a look at the hardware specifications first. The PDA phone is powered by 528MHz Qualcomm MSM 7201A processor, with internal memory 256MB ROM, 192MB RAM and most interesting part of all, the 4GB internal flash storage for personal file storage. The phone is HSDPA enabled, with broadband-like speed capability up to 7.5Mbps (but this definitely depends on how fast your mobile network is capable of 😉 I doubt there’s any mobile network in Malaysia is capable of providing you that kind of speed and bandwidth!)

What I like about this PDA is the simple design and also the functions of it. To me, it’s like the perfect phone for all. The phone comes with 3.2MP camera with auto-focus, GPS enabled, and most of all, the 3D touch interface – TouchFLO 3D. With a built-in graphic processor, it enables the htc home applications to run on 3D interface.


The back of the phone. This is why the phone is called Diamond after all~ 😆


The display is running on 640×480 resolution which makes photos look nicer and more detailed.

The downside of the phone is that you cannot add more storage space to it as there is no external memory card slot on the phone. As usual for HTC products, there is only 1 mini usb port which is for battery charging and also wired headset connection. So you cannot charge the phone while listening to music with headset. The 528MHz processor with 192MB RAM is very sufficient for a PDA phone, as my O2 Atom Exec only running on 64MB of RAM. Another thing is that the phone does not come with QWERTY keypad. But the internal keypad software is efficient enough for you to type with fingers on the screen. For those who prefer using physical keypads, don’t worry though as there are rumors that another version of this phone with physical keypad will be launched as well.

So is this phone launched in the market? Not yet though~ It is expected to be launched in Europe and Asia by Q3 2008. So now is the time for me to save up some money for this baby!~ The price of this baby is not announced yet, but I expect it to be at least the same price with HTC Touch Cruise which is around RM2600. Hopefully the price will not go beyond that as I will have to think at least 10 times on the budget for this gadget.

After all, as I said before, this could be the perfect PDA phone for everyone. Do visit the official htc website for more details of the phone. I am sure you will be amazed by the looks and functions of it 😆

Here’s a video on the actual hands-on of the phone in action~! I am SOOooOO gonna get this baby!~

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