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HTC Touch Diamond Theme~

The long awaiting HTC Touch Diamond is already launched in Malaysia few weeks ago. To those who can’t afford to purchase this new PDA phone, or maybe you want to test out how the interface really looks like, you can try installing this theme to your PDA phone. Frankly speaking, this theme can actually amaze the people around you!  😆

Let me present to you, the copycat version of HTC Touch Diamond TouchFlo 3D theme~ This is how it looks like on your PDA phone.

screen001.png screen002.png

screen003.png screen004.png


Of course, this theme is not as perfect as the original TouchFlo 3D on the Touch Diamond. There’s only 5 tabs available for the bottom bar and the 3D animations is not exactly the same as the original ones. Still, it looks really cool on your phone. Mind you that the time on the first screen won’t flip as the original ones  😆

How to install this theme?

  1. Download and install SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 into your PDA.
  2. Download and install the HTC Touch Diamond theme.
  3. Soft reset your phone and enjoy!

Make sure you watch the video on how SPB Mobile Shell works in SPB website as there are a lot of functions that you can use with this theme. For example, if you move your stylus or finger on the screen, the screen will actually flips to another screen with different views.

The theme comes in black by default. You need to download the color theme here. Follow the instructions given and you’ll be able to change the color to the ones you like!


Credits to iPmart-forum

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  • menghua

    hmm.. did you install the SPB mobile shell, then install the theme and soft reset after that? The Diamond screen will not show on the Today screen, instead it is something like an alternative today screen. You can check out the SPB mobile shell for more details.

  • Jeff

    Hey! Can someone email me or tell me where else can I download the Diamond Theme file other than RApidShare?

    Many Thanks!

  • Sid Leake


    Great job. I’ve tried several other sites, but could never get it perfect. Awesome job, easy install, beautiful work. I love my HTC Diamond, er I mean HTC Touch :mrgreen:

  • Makandal

    Awesome… I installed it on my HTC Cruise. My colleague was boasting with his Diamond interface but complaining about the lack of memory extension… Now, I have it all !

  • Makandal

    One small problem… If one entered a contact in the wrong directory (i.e. in Personal instead of Business), how does it work to remove it ?

  • Jack

    I love this theme! But I cant get the link for the color changing software to work. Can someone give me a address?

  • Young Blogger

    I agree with you, this theme probably would impress people around you. If you think the iphone impresses people, this is like the iPhone but a x10 interface, when the iphones interface is already nice! I’m trying to find a way to get it on my itouch right now.

  • piyush


    can anyone tell me how to soft reset the phone..(HTC Touch)..My phone is just 2 days old..


  • brandon

    Hello i’ve downloaded the file to my zip dive having trouble figuring out how to access the diamond theme. And yes i’ve already downloaded the spb software. Thanks for any help !

  • arvindpal

    does soft reset means taking of the battery and putting back in??

    spb mobile downloaded perfectly but when i dowloaded hts theme an error came on my phone?? so i soft resetted the phone anyways but the hts theme is not their. is it automaticlly suppose to be there? i got the spb theme though(something is better than nothing lol) but i really wanted the htc theme help please…. i have a palm treo 800w.

  • Woes

    Hi, Can someone help me out with the Winrar (zip) file, I can not install it on my HTC. How can I easily install the CAB file?


  • Kim18th

    download and install the HTC touch diamond theme, no.2 is not working. whyy? please..
    when i click them, it says ‘ the file ‘ cannot be opened. either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of its components cannot be found. if the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file. i’ve done this alot. but still.. its not working. helpp

  • Palm Pre

    Is this the Manilla 2D? I think it will only work for pocket PC phones. I’d love to try it on my Omnia but maybe when I get tired of the Samsung widgets homescreen. :mrgreen:

  • AC

    Trying this on a Treo 800w. I keep getting the blank screen after spb install > diamond theme install > soft reset. I know this works, I’ve ssen it on youtube. What am I doing wrong? I followed the directions. Why am I getting this blank screen?

  • aman

    hi i hav HTC Touch Diamond i install that theme but it was working fine before but now it’s not moving around do i have buy that 1 that’s on my first it’s sayin register asking me for serial number wich i dont knw can some 1 help me plzz email me back or how can i unstall that thnxx

  • mobilephoneonly

    That’s awesome, the theme suits my HTC Touch Diamond well, i love it, and the TouchFLO 3D technology is brilliant, with it i can say goodbye to the dull drop-and down menu, great. By the way, i don’t like the fact that the Diamond is prone to fingerprint which is really frustrated for me.

  • Calendar color

    I would like to change the color settings for the calendar (just the calendar) I would like to view it in white with black letters instead of the default black with white letters.

    Is this possible? I find it easier to see the appointments in my old PALM tungsten E and in the HTC DIamond touch 2 this is only possible when clicking on a certain appointment but not in the general view of the day or month.
    Many thanks

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