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Leaked Ceiling~

Its been raining and raining since last night and some heavy downpour this afternoon here. According to the weather forecast, this will continue until this Sunday. Oh god, I wish this could end as soon as possible because I got a big problem in my room. Yup, my ceiling is leaking with water dripping into the room from up there. Zzzz…


This is the spot which was leaking some weeks ago. I asked the landlord to ask some people to come over and fix the roof. They spent one whole day fixing it, dirty my housemates’ room next door (they need to go up to the roof from the ceiling of my housemates’ room), and this is what I get after a few weeks. GREAT JOB! I wonder what those guys doing on top of the roof… Sightseeing and smoking I suppose?


This is the biggest problem of all. Another GREAT new spot. Guess what I did to prevent my things from getting wet…


Oh yeah, like staying in a wooden house, “Oh no it’s raining! Get the pails! Faster shift and cover up your things!” What the hell??~!

Hey you up there, if you can listen to me, stop the rain now. When I ask you to give me some good cool weather, I don’t mean to get some rain inside my room ok? Duh?! I guess I’m really pissed off now. It’s still raining season now so I guess there is no point of asking my landlord to ask those “experts” to come over and fix this. It would be just a waste of time in the end. Hopefully the rain will stop soon~

This is what we always get in Malaysia. When its too hot, we ask for the rain. Then it gives us some rain which causes big floods in some places. And then we ask the rain to stop.. it gives us a whole month of hot weather without a single drop of rain. Ironically, just live with it~ 😛

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  • daren@Musa

    poor man… instead of having a nice COOL nap.. you’re having a wet COLD nap …Hey, look at the bright side.. you didnt get flooded! (man.. I’m soo insensitive!) ;p

  • menghua

    For your information, the rain haven’t stop until now. Many places are having flash floods now. Sigh… should enjoy the cool weather now.. and the drippings of rain in my room… “Go Rain… Its Raining~” 😛

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