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Busy Days Ended~

Busy days finally ended! Hurray! Let’s recap on what I did in this week. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I had exams, don’t know how I did it but hopefully I can score a bit~ After the test on Wednesday, its really busy for me as I need to finish up the Maple assignment for Numerical Methods and also preparing for the Microcontroller assignment presentation. Did the Maple assignment until 6am.. zzz

The presentation for the Microcontroller assign went well as our hardware is working fine during our presentation. The lecturer asked me a question on the hardware circuit. I answered it well as I’m the one who drawed the schematic diagram and most of the hardware.. hehe.. So what is the score we got for the assignment? 17.66 / 20~ Can consider well as the highest mark for all the groups is 18.66. Our hardwork for the assignment did gain a good score after all! Good! The Maple assignment is a mess for me. I had to finish up the question I was assigned to by my partner, then went to the partner’s house to compile, bind the paperworks, and then pass up the assignment to the lecturer’s room. Rush like hell for it man~ But luckily can finish it on time~ Phew~!

Now I’m finally free! Just a bit free actually, haha! Starting from next week, all of us are having our study week holiday, a time for us to study our best for our final exam after this. I still have a VLSI assignment need to pass up before 19/4. Then the final exams starts on the 20th. Must study hard then. My housemates and I went for few nice place for lunch and dinner lately as there’s a few new restaurant opened in our area. This is what I ordered at the Dream On Cafe, blackpepper chicken chop!
chicken chop!
Nice huh? Never seen such a nice plate before lol.. The plate costed me RM10.90 I think. Quite cheap for a chicken chop but its too little for me. Ignore those flowers ya~ Only 1 flower in the plate but my housemates added their plate’s flower in.. haha..

Tomorrow I’m going for the PC fair in JB. Hoping to buy myself a 160GB Harddisk. I’ve been struggling on using my 40GB over the years which its too little space for me. My friends really surprised that I can survive so long with the small space HDD for so long! lol! Will see the price at the pc fair there. If its just same with the shops here, I think I’ll buy it here then.

Oh ya, I’ve just bought a new domain for my gf. Everything is set up but need to teach her how to use wordpress and lots of other settings. Hope she likes the new blog thingy then… hehe~

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