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My Convocation 2007~


Remember the last convocation photos that I took? Last weekend was finally MY convocation! Oh my god, it’s already 1 year since that time. My family and I drove down to Skudai purposely to attend my convocation. Started our journey on Sunday morning, we stopped by at Melaka to have some Chicken Rice Balls for lunch and some tasty cendol for dessert… Yummy! :mrgreen: The next day, all of us had to wake up at 6am because I had to register by 7.30am. Damn this is tiring..

Dressed in my suit, we had some bread for breakfast on the way and reached UTM at 7.10am. I went to register as soon as I got there.


Fuiyoh.. Handsome or not? 😆 The most important thing of convocation, is to wear the convocation robe. Or else why is this convocation so special? Just joking ya. A photo with my parents…


Oh ya, nice robe~ Luckily I got my pants on, or else it’ll be like wearing a skirt!


My 2 sisters came for my convocation as well. Eldest sister didn’t come because there’s a monster at home that will cause a disaster if she comes.. 😆


Next, everyone was getting ready to get into the convocation hall of fame. The convocation ceremony took more than 2 hours, where the deputy chancellor handed the certificates 1 by 1 to the 3000 of us. You can imagine how big the hall is to accommodate more than 3000 students and the parents of all the students. That makes it around 8-9000 people in the hall.. (Hmm… is this true? 🙄 )


After the 2 hours ceremony, it’s time for photo shooting!! Yup, there are only 3 things that you will do at convocation: Take your graduation certificates, meet and talk with some old friends and PHOTO SHOOTING… 😯


Take as many photos as you like, because I got my own personal photographer – my 2nd sister heheh. Thanks sis!


Oh ya, whole batch of the SET 2002 graduates. All crazy fellas that can’t stop laughing watching the photographer crowd (their families) which were larger crowd than us, trying to shoot the photo of us. I bet no one took a photo which has all eyes on a single camera. There were too many photographers there!!


The most important thing to show that you are graduated… 😆 Went back straight to KL after the convocation. It was a damn tiring experience. I didn’t have the chance to meet my ex-housemates as their convocation was on Sunday while mine was on Monday. Hope everyone is doing well now. 😉

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