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wordpressThe latest version of WordPress 2.2.3 was released 4 days ago. Being a WordPress 2.2.2 user, I’ve decided to upgrade to the latest version. It is better to upgrade to the latest version since there were some bugs in the previous version that were fixed in this version. Or else, what is the purpose of coming out a new version? 😆

Anything new with the latest version? As far as I can see, there’s nothing much difference. The only disappointment for me is that the “no permission” problem is still not fixed. The problem with this bug is that you have no permission to create categories, delete comments, adding blogroll and so on. The error message will be something like this: “You have no permission to do that“. Posting a new post will cause some trouble as well because once after you click the publish button, a prompt message: ” Do you want to edit this post?” will be shown. Nothing will happen after you click “yes” or “no” button, except the whole post will be gone after that. Try writing a long post with few hundred words in it and the whole post gone after you click the publish button. Isn’t that frustrating? 👿 👿

As far as I know, not many WordPress users are experiencing this. Hence, there were no proper solutions given by the WordPress support team. However, I’ve found a ticket in WordPress.org that will solve this issue. Basically it is some problem related to AJAX JS code. What you need to do is replace some codings in wp-includes/pluggable.php. Read here for the detailed explanations.

For those who are lost of what the ticket is talking about, just download the pluggable.php file that I’ve modified and replace the same file under wp-includes folder. Mind you that I don’t guarantee this solution will work, so remember to do a backup of the file before you replace it. 😉

Download Modified Version of pluggable.php here

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