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HTC Announces The Desire S, Wildfire S, and Incredible S~

HTC announces the HTC Desire S, Wildfire S and Incredible S in Mobile World Congress which is held in Barcelona this year. All 3 new models were “upgraded” from the old line ups although it’s kinda strange that they named it with “S” at the end which sounds similar to its Korean rival Samsung.

HTC Desire S

The Desire S is built using the same machining techniques as the unibody HTC Legend, and is sculpted out of a block of aluminum. Other than that, there are not much changes. It’s got a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU (MSM8255), 5 megapixel camera, 1.1 GB of internal storage, 768MB of RAM, GPS, and Bluetooth 2.1 radio tucked behind a 3.7″ WVGA (480×800) Display. There are nothing mentioning on whether the display is using AMOLED or SLCD technology, but I’ll assume that it should be the same as the later version of Desire which is using SLCD. The optical trackball is now removed and the hardware keys were changed  to touch sensitive ones. It’s now equipped with front camera which allows you to have video call function, assuming that it’s for 3G calls. I was expecting a dual core processor for this updated version but it just updated to the same as Desire HD’s processor though.

HTC Wildfire S

The HTC Wildfire is the smallest & cheapest phone in the HTC Android phone line. With improved 320×480 pixels display, slightly faster 600MHz, and upgraded 512MB of RAM, this phone should be on the top of the line on cheap Android phones line. Mind you that this phone is running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread as well! Hopefully the price stays as competitive as the previous Wildfire then.

HTC Incredible S

The HTC Incredible S is something rather confusing for me. HTC Incredible is the almost cloned version of the HTC Desire which is only available in the US. Yet, this updated version will be available globally and it got a 4″ WVGA Super LCD (800×480 pixels), 8 megapixel rear camera with dual flash, 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera with built-in video calling functionality, 1Ghz CPU, Bluetooth 2.1, and 768 MB of RAM. It only comes with 1.1GB internal storage but what the heck, microSD slot is available to save the day.  Mind you that this phone will still be running on Android 2.2 and further update to 2.3/4 in “future”. Basically, this phone just seems like a shrinked down version of the HTC Desire HD don’t you think?

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