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My Wishlist~

I’m so bored studying here so I suddenly thought of a wishlist of goodies that I wana buy after my final exams. 1st thing I’ll buy is a dvd writer. I think either get a Samsung or LG since they are quite cheap if compare to others. I’ll burn all the TVB series which my housemates downloaded. So many series I don’t think I can finish it all in my one month holiday. 😆

k750i2nd thing to get is a handphone! Oh yeah! Sony Ericson K750i. Might be getting other phone at the same price I think. The phone price is around RM1.3k now which might be lesser than that I hope. The thing I like about this phone is the built in camera. Its a 2.0 Megapixel camera which is the most advanced built in camera phone so far. But the look of it is so dull. Reminds me of T630. I hope I can get a silver color one but duno is it for sale in Malaysia or not. Need to get a lot of info of this phone 1st. W800i looks a lot better than k750i in my opinion. The back of the phone looks really like a camera. My friend told me that its headphone is even better than Ipod when listening to music. But of course, the price is MUCH higher than k750i. The market price for W800i is around RM1.8k. My friend offered me a O2 mini pda phone which is around RM1650 (2nd hand) which is quite expensive for me. And its used already~ Although its under warranty but I think I’ll use the camera function a lot more than using those pda softwares inside. Actually still blur with these phones. This is the 1st time I’m gona buy a new phone for myself. I’m still using my nokia 8250 handphone which is used by my gf long long time ago. 😛

This is the 3rd gadget that I wish to get –Pioneer 3750MP. A mp3 cd player for my car. Currently I’m using Pioneer 1550B, an old model which I bought long time ago. The player only supports CD so I’m just thinking of getting another player which can play MP3 as well.
The old one I can just install into my mom’s car since she wanted a cd player long time ago. But then the Pioneer 3750MP is not cheap ler. The last time I went to quote for the price is RM520 including installation in my hometown. Duno how much it costs if I buy in JB here. But there’s a lot of possibility that I won’t buy this player so soon since I prefer more high end player like Pioneer 5750. At least it has 4 preouts compare to 3750 which only have 2 preouts (or am I wrong about this info? blur.. )

OMG.. I think I dreaming a lot already. Wasted so much time on this blog. I stayed up so late for studying not for dreaming and blogging ler. 😡 I hope I’ll get my payment from 12dailypro next week which is around $600usd. Then I’ll start to ‘fullfil’ my wishlist then. Time to study back now.

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