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New Office Launched~

It was 3rd of December when we first moved into this new office. New surroundings, new equipments, everything just felt fresh! A week after that, it was the official launching of our new office. Here’s some photos of the launching day~


It feels great to finally move to our new office. Previously, we were based in another building where our office was a bit like data center while all other departments’ staffs were enjoying their comfy cool office in the main building. We were a bit “isolated” back then 😆 . Now we are all based in the same building finally (although our office is situated at another side of the building).

CEO of DiGi – Morten Lundal


The CEO gave some speech and the new office is officially launched!~ They were so excited to see how the new office looks like.


So this is how the new office looks like.. I don’t have the photos to show you everything in there though.. 😆

Although it was once in a full moon that we get to meet the C level officers, neither the CEO / CTO nor the new office were the main attractions of the day. Yet, it was these 2 funny fellas that made the most out of it!


Oh ya.. the Yellow Coverage Fellows (YCF). Everyone was busy taking photos with these 2 monkeys rather than looking around in the new office.



And of course, I won’t lose the chance of taking photos with them as well. These 2 fellas were “fooling” around while everyone exploring the new office.



Even the CTO can’t stop laughing at their funny moves~


Some of my colleagues~

Now here’s some photos from the Wet & Wild party held in the office a week ago.


One hell of a party, where they purposely built some instant pools for some activities.


Of course, food was provided for all as this party is the year end party for all of the staffs to have fun!


Best of all, free flow Heineken beers for all of us!


The party lasted until 2am. From band singing to hip hop club dancing and to bubble foam party. Phew!~ Crazy stuff man~

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