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Paid again from StudioTraffic

Finally.. after long time of waiting.. i got paid from studiotraffic 2nd account.. damn it.. i thought both my accounts under audit.. but in the end the admin told me that they aren’t.. what kind of management is that? Live Help always give all kinds of false information.. i’m not gona trust those operators anymore.. i remember 1 time that one of the operator told me that upgrades from egold to studiotraffic account is limited to $150 per month.. wtf?? the next day after the operator told me that.. i’ve upgraded $400 into ST accounts… from egold.. funny huh?

As you can see from the picture, i’ve received $127 yesterday.. n then i’ve upgraded into my Studiotraffic 1st account with $120. So now the 1st account level had reached $660… i’m gona cash out money next month for sure.. to buy a new handphone maybe.. wait for it then…

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