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SonyEricsson W810


Although the news is quite old but I just blog about it.

We’re still waiting on the English press release but Sony Ericsson is launching their W810i Walkman phone today at CES. It’s pretty much the W800 only now supporting EDGE and Quadband GSM 850/900/1900/850 and dedicated music buttons in the joystick like the W900 — exactly what you were asking for. Like the W800, you get a 512MB Memory Stick in the box, a 2 megapixel camera, 3.5-milimeter headphone jack (still via included dongle we think), Bluetooth, and 1.9-inch 176 x 220 pixel screen. Said to be shipping before March for an as of yet undisclosed price.

Man I just love this phone! The classy black color wit the cover almost same as W900i. And now its even build for EDGE usage. Although the technology is not used widely nowadays. I just wondering whether I can change the cover for my D750i into this one. Its really gorgeous!

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