The End of 24 Season 5~

Its the end for 24 season 5~! I just watched the finale last night as I have to download it slowly.. lol.. The finale is mainly about the whole day’s terrorism doings was done by the President Logan. Damn~ Can a president do something like this? Selling nerve gas to the terrorist, assasination on the ex-president David Palmer, etc.. And this is among the last scene where Jack Bauer confronted the president to confess his doings face to face.
The president will not confess for sure. Jack convinced him that he can’t make him talk but placed a microcip recorder in the president’s shirt. In the end, the president accidentally confessed all his doing when he was quarrelling with his wife and the conversation was recorded through the recorder. Finally President Logan is being taken down for good!

Jack on the other hand, had a great kiss and hug with Audrey, but was being captured by the chinese secret agents in the end. He was accused for killing the Chinese Ambassador in the last season. (Read some summary in my previous post.) A sad ending… where there’s never any happy ending before for 5 seasons.. lol..

I read something on the net about a hidden message by the producers. There’s a scene before Jack was captured when the CTU director Buchanan passed a photo to Chloe, there’s some words on the back of the photo before she unfold to look at it.
See the words? Read from bottom to top and backwards. “JACK IS DEAD… PHONE… %$#!%@$#”

Coincidence? Oh yeah you bet it..

Day 6 will be on air in January 2007. Can’t wait for it!

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  • CTUnightfall

    I believe season 3 was the closest you could get to a “good” ending. SO what if he cries?
    Jack Bauer killed Kiefer Sutherland when he found out Kiefer was playing him. Jack Bauer gets played by no man.

  • Alex

    haha yeah.. jack’s back for season 6. duno wat thechinese did to him. i wrote a similar post. u dl or u buy dvd? if dvd let me know where ya.. 😀

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