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The Procastinator’s Clock~

What a procastinator would usually do to avoid being late is setting their clock 15 minutes ahead just to trick themselves. But this trick usually fails as most of them, like myself, will keep reminding themselves that the clock is actually 15 minutes ahead and end up being even later. So David Seah came up with a procastinator’s clock that is specially made for procastinators.


This clock runs fast by up to 15 minutes, but there’s more. It is set ahead for a random amount of time from 0 to 15 minutes – which means you don’t know if and how much it’s set ahead, so you treat the possibly later time as if it’s actual. Of course, with the correct time in your system tray, it’s not hard to just check yourself, but with auto-hide enabled or full screen of the clock…. You know what will happen next do you? 😛

I personally think that this clock might work, unless you only have the PC as your clock in your room. You might need to take out any clock available around you just to force yourself to believe that this clock’s time is real. The clock is available for Mac, PC and Web Version. Try it yourself here.

Source: Lifehacker, DavidSeah

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  • shin

    hey hey hey… procastinator’s clock eh?? it might not work for u, but to alot of ppl ‘we’ do not need the special procastinator clock..’our’ clock, watch or watherver that ‘we’ are using.. 🙂

  • menghua

    its not correct though, but you will never be late for anything.. unless u know how much time it is faster than the correct time… good for people like me.. procrastinators that only will rush for something when really reach the time… lol

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